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I'm Patrick here are some of my pictures. I love taking pictures of things, mainly of things rather than people, i think this is because i hate having my picture taken and don't want to put other people in the same position. Also i hate asking folk to pose for shots i think it can really play up to peoples vanity. Still thats not to say that i wont someday take pictures of people, i just don't fancy it right now. I lived in London for about six years, there's just so much happening at a really hectic pace, almost out of control, teetering on the edge of chaos and oblivion, i miss it everyday the people and the places. I now live in the lake district which is impossibly beautiful and an incredibly inspiring place to be. The pace of life is still and sleepy a far reach from my previous life, but interjected with moments of exhilaration and adrenaline, its an interesting combination. If you like my photos or want to ask me any questions or perhaps would even like to buy some prints then please get in contact.

end of the road

seaside towns are always at the end of the road, people travel to them not through them. it is with intent and expectation that people travel to these towns at the end of the line. this is borth in mid … Continue reading

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old glory

old glory is the nickname given to the flag of the united states. old gory was actually the name of one flag in particular, that of captain william driver. it was given to him by his mother and the young … Continue reading

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rebel yell

marshall is the first township of madison county which was formed out of parts of buncombe county and yancey county in 1851. the county is named after president james madison (1809 – 1817) and after its previous incarnation as lapland … Continue reading

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25 to life

this is marshall north carolina the first township of madison county. originally known as lapland it sits along the banks of the french broad river. strategically positioned at the buncombe turnpike or old drovers road which ran from tennessee through … Continue reading

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rocky serenade

cathedral quarry is an old slate mine just north of coniston in the lake district. the cathedral chamber itself is buried in the bowels of the mountain. the name cathedral is thought to relate to either its huge arched window … Continue reading

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where it all began

this shot is looking down wasdale with yewbarrow and great gable standing their ground at the far end. as a valley it seems to have a thing about size;  wast water is the deepest lake in england at some 258 … Continue reading

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look into the mirror

this shot is similar to one i posted a couple of weeks ago, its taken at sunset looking out across the irish sea from cumbria. the interest for me is the juxtaposition of the wild and fiery almost explosive sunset … Continue reading

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no one’s home

i found this caravan inside the ruins of an old farmhouse about half a mile out of grassguards farm in the duddon valley. it was a pretty isolated spot with no sign of any running water or electricity. there was … Continue reading

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the future, stars and giants

this week i went and camped up on top of harter fell in the duddon valley. in many ways an unspectacular mountain in terms of size, difficulty and reputation but it is still one of my favourites. i have memories … Continue reading

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the sunken chapel

this is sunkenkirk stone circle on the eastern slopes of blackcombe just below swinside fell. i don’t think anyone really knows exactly why the stones were put here or what they were used for but its a wonderful place to … Continue reading

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